Lily Bather
UX Designer

The trefoil knot

A project for my 3D Expertise week 2023

Trefoil knot 3D

3D visualizations

One week only

The magical shape of the trefoil can truly only be understood after tracing it, modelling it and trying to defy its limits. During the course of this week, the challenge was to come up with an aesthetically pleasing model of an object, using as a base the trefoil knot.

In my case, I explored an elongated version of the knot, tied harmoniously, creating an enveloping shape. A place with the shape of infinity where you could comfortably sit.

I like to think about it like an "infinite hug".

How can we transform this beautiful shape into a product?

With the purpose of designing an aesthetic shape that could also be functional, practical,
and appealing as a physical product that could solve a need.

One of my biggest insights of this week was that the most popular and prevalent interpretations of the knot have historically been the ones with curvy and round edges, I had a few ideas of why this might be. See here one of the most fascinating TED talks I've come across regarding round shapes.

For this reason I decided to design not only a beautiful, soft shape,
but also make it seem cozy and comfortable.

A chair, not only a chair but a hanging, knitted, soft, infinite chair.

“Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.”

Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

Expertise week for my Master's

Anhalt Hochschule 2023