Lily Bather
UX Designer


A time tracking app for Ksquare Solutions Inc.


At my time working for Ksquare Inc. a technology and staffing company based in Dallas, TX. One of the most important elements in the employee/manager relationship was the use of timesheets to track the number of billable hours.

⚡️ Volta App

What the old timesheet system looked like.

The Problem

Once a week every employee who was assigned with a client, would have to print out the form on every Friday, fill out the number of hours worked that week, sign it, hand it off to her/his manager for signed approval and then submit it attached to an email to HR. It was a very long and tiring process for both employees and HR people who had to keep track of physically signed papers, read through scanned copies, and finally, submit them in the system for payroll.

•  What if the manager was out that Friday and wasn’t able to sign the form?

•  What if the employee forgot to fill out his/her timesheet?

•  What if the printer was out of toner?

•  What if the employee had bad handwriting and Human resources weren’t able to understand his timesheet?

⚡️ Volta App

The Process


There was an urgent need to automate this process with the help of technology.

By designing a mobile application that would enable users to perform these activities from anywhere anytime.


Volta is an iOS application from which employees, managers, and human resources people can easily submit, approve and keep track of timesheets, PTO requests and other managers/employee functions. All from your phone.


Admin: Ksquare managers and HR Specialists. Ability to assign employees to their managers, set the maximum number of billable hours per week, reset passwords and add new members to the organization.

Managers: Approve employee’s timesheets and approve PTO petitions.

Employees: Submit weekly timesheets, request PTO and get reminders.